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Fixing your computer at the speed of light

Welcome to Quantum Computer Service where I will fix your computer in an honest amount of time, and for a price that is below most other computer companies. Don't hire a computer technician, hire a computer scientist who is doing current research in the field.

Hi my name is Daniel Ducharme and I am a computer science graduate student at the University of Rhode Island. I too grew tired of the scam that many computer service companies pull, building on your trust that they are only doing what needs to be done. Because of this I decided to make my own company which would charge fair rates and take reasonable times.

  • What's New
  • [8/31/2010] Completed the URI Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics
  • [8/25/2010] Completed the AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) Certification
  • [1/12/2010] Now 100% CompTIA A+ Certified
  • [3/26/2009] Added Ultra-X Diagnostic Tools to better service hardware errors.
  • [3/20/2009] The webpage is now complete
  • Coming Soon!
  • Look for special deals and offers to be added soon
  • Watch for self help tips to help diagnose common problems